From the Editor’s desk – Issue 1, 2018 (January – March)

Dipankar Sarkar

Dipankar Sarkar

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There are a range of debates in many subject areas regarding the awareness of different area of censorship. For example, when researching audiences one discovers that there is some discourse over how audiences watch television or film, ranging from the passive consumption of values and ideas to the use of media texts in a critical and independent way. Any discussion about censorship, for example, will be extremely shallow if one doesn’t have the knowledge of these different perspectives. Censorship is the practice of officially examining media and suppressing unacceptable parts of it to fit an audience. Having a wide variety of uses, Censorship, is always practiced upon a large group of people in order to achieve desired effects. However, the effects of censorship have one commonality – they are acted upon to block information. Now, when analyzing the effects of this, both positive and negative, the negative impact results in the fact that people are eventually deprived of information. The positive aspect, however, is that information is harmful for people when they are not prepared to accept it. Some uncertain circumstances present the beauty and the benefits of censorship. Information withheld from people does not hurt them, but only allows them to continue blissfully. Some of the burning issues that confront us are: Why are films banned? or why there have been a protest regarding the release of a film? Or who are these group of individuals who are entrusted with the responsibility to filter the collective perception of the individuals? What consequences would these bans have on our freedom of speech and expression and on the rule of law?

In the current issue of Cinemawalla the team members have tried to deal with the issue of censorship and the freedom for creative liberty by having a poll with individuals who are aware of the current situation of our society. We have also featured a piece on a documentray that is in work-in-progress stage titled ‘Sandesh:100’, being made by a young aspiring filmmaker Soumyakanti Dutta.  An analysis/review of the film ‘Mukkabaaz’ (2017) will also be published in this edition.  We will keep updating the issue with more article and insights. I hope that the readers would enjoy reading the features publish in the current edition.


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