About Us

Cinemawallah is a site for cinephiles. This is a site where we will interact with kino-mad people and be a part of their journey through the world of Cinema.

The magazine will cater the need for sensitive and sensible viewers of cinema. Here we are not into gossip or loose talk. We love cinema that is why we are not going to sell dream to our viewers and will be there to burst the unnecessary bubble created by big media and big corporate house. Yes we believe in film culture, cinema is culture.

We believe in interaction and democracy of voice. So this platform will always be a platform where one can put your views freely, boldly, fearlessly.

The site will be partisan to new ideas, new ways and new people who are trying to make audio-visual media more interesting, provoking and artistic. We will always be in favour of progress.

The site will try to portray in future new works and has a goal to connect cinema of the county with the world cinema.

This will be bilingual magazine. We believe that cinema has its own international language without losing its native voice. Thus to address such an art form we must also be open to languages. So there will be articles in English as well as Bengali, as we will not forget our heritage of Bengali Cinema.