Yet another magazine on Cinema! What is there to blurt out, this is already an overfed monster called entertainment media? Well a little bit of sanity perhaps. No, don’t get afraid, I know you are thinking that we are going to get into jargon-infested mumbo jumbos – we will not bore you with that also.

We are here to love cinema the beautiful audiovisual medium which tantalized, soothed, provoked human being for more than a century. Our quest is to find the silence among the sound the black space between the lines and colours of the visual. It is not a tall claim, as this magazine is yours you will be the person who will find and we will put it in our humble little magazine.

Here we will eat, sleep, drink Cinema (sometimes will chew them too) whatever the form, whatever the content maybe – we will talk about what is bold and what is new and what is hip….

Subho Maitro